Laboratory and Insitu Field Testing

W. Kevin Walker, P.E. is a multi-discipline geotechnical and materials engineering firm with knowledge and experience with a wide variety of geotechnical field and lab testing methods.

Any testing performed by other than W. Kevin Walker, P.E. is specified and approved by him under his supervision. Professional agreements are in place with many commercial labs for routine to specialized testing services. All costs for any testing performed by others are passed on to the client with no administrative mark-up.
Testing is typically performed in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO test procedures.
Lab testing may include the following tests for soils, rock, and/or other miscellaneous building materials including concrete and adobe block.

Samples in containers

Laboratory Testing

  • Classification and Index Properties Including Sieve (Gradation) and Atterberg Limits (Plasticity Index) Testing
  • Standard Proctor (ASTM D-698) and Modified Proctor (ASTM D-1557) Compaction Curves (Moisture-Density Curves)
  • Hydrometer Test
  • Moisture and density
  • One-Dimensional¬† Expansion (Swell) and/or Consolidation (or Collapse) Testing
  • Hydraulic Conductivity (Permeability) Testing
  • Unconfined and/or Triaxial Compression Testing
  • Small and Large-Scale Direct Shear (Shear Strength Testing)
  • Flexure Testing (for Building Block and Adobe)
  • Field Density Testing and Determination of Percent Compaction for Earth Fills
  • R-Value for Traffic-ability Studies
  • Organic Content